Font BroshK made by gluk

Font BroshK is SVG-​in-​OT font. Open­Type SVG color font (SVG-​in-​OT) for­mat is pro­posal for multi-​color, vec­tor fonts, and is imple­mented in Mozilla Fire­fox (v. >= 26) and Microsoft Edge (v. >= 38.14393). If You’re visit this page with Fire­fox or Microsoft Edge, You can test it in test page (link below). ZIP file con­tain two fonts: “tra­di­tional” font BroshK (in TTF and OTF for­mat) and BroshK (SVG-​in-​OT) in BroshK_​SVG-​in-​OT direc­tory (WOFF and TTF)

Warn­ing: Col­or­font BroshK (with editable col­ors) don’t work prop­erly with Photo­shop CC 2017 and Illus­tra­tor CC 2018 — You can use instead BroshK-​fruits

BroshN Resamitz Digitalt

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