More Info about my Fonts...

License — most of my Fonts are OFL li­censed (OpenFontLi­cense). That mean, You can freely use (for commercial Works too), copy, modify and re­dis­tribute my Fonts, as long as they are not sold by them­selves. Modi­fied Ver­sion of the Font must use oth­er Name, and must be dis­tributed entirely under OFL license. Full Open­Font­License is avail­able at —

and Freque­ntly Asked Que­stions are avail­able at —

My Fonts at other Sites:

Software — I cre­ate my Fonts with Fontforge — powerful and free li­censed Tool to cre­ating and modyf­ing many Formats of Fonts, avail­able at —

Scripts at my Website:

Contact with Author — in case of Com­ments, Errors or Questions con­cerning my Fonts, You can Con­tact with me per E-mail:

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