Garineldo tab Font GarineldoNo02 by gluk Font Garineldo by gluk

Font Garineldo (GarineldoNo01 & No02) — dec­o­ra­tive Italic with many alter­nate Glyphs, Ter­mi­nal Forms and Lig­a­tures. You can play with Garineldo (Styl­is­tic Sets and dis­cre­tionary Lig­a­tures) or try GarineldoNo01 with con­tex­tual, dec­o­ra­tive Alternates.

New font GarineldoNo02 sim­i­lar to GarineldoNo01, but Swashes com­pat­i­bles with font Garinel­doSC.

If your soft­ware does not sup­port Open­Type fea­tures, read: How to use extra Glyphs.

GarineldoSC Promocyja Odstemplik

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