Font Primecolor made by gluk

4 color fonts Prime­color (R,G,B,M) in Open­TypeSVG (SVG-​in-​OT) for­mat. To be able to use the color fonts you need to have installed Adobe Phở­to­shop CC2017, Illus­tra­tor CC2018, InDe­sign CC2019 or Inscape 1.0. Addi­tional vari­able, color web­font Primecolor-​CV1 in COLRv1 for­mat. COLRv1 for­mat is pro­posal for multi-​color, vari­able, vec­tor fonts, and is imple­mented as far in Google Chrome, Fire­fox, Opera and MS Edge.

  • colorFont: Primecolor
  • Version: 0.672
  • Date of current version: 13.03.2024
  • Date of first version: 13.03.2024
  • License: OpenFontLicense
  • Test this font as @font-face

Prida01 Sensed Prida61

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