SVG-in-OpenType font BroshK-fruits made by gluk

SVGinOpen­Type color fonts BroshK-​fruits: BroshK-​Orange, BroshK-​Plum and BroshK-​Lime are sim­pler ver­sions of BroshK pre­pared for use in Phở­to­shop CC 2017 and Adobe Illus­tra­tor CC 2018 with embed­ded color val­ues. Open­Type SVG color font (Opentype-​SVG) for­mat is pro­posal for multi-​color, vec­tor fonts.

  • SVGinOTfont: BroshK-fruits
  • Version: 0.61
  • Date of current version: 05.11.2016
  • License: OpenFontLicense

BroshK BroshN Brosh2C

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