Font QumpellkaNo12 made by gluk Font QumpellkaNo12 with contextual Alternates Font QumpellkaNo12 by gluk

Font QumpellkaNo12 have many alter­na­te Glyphs (Con­tex­tual Alter­nates) [calt], Styl­is­tic Sets [ss01] [ss02] and Lig­a­tures [liga]. Leeters like A, K, M, N… have “short” alter­nate Glyphs and Let­ters n, m, l, r… have “orna­men­tal” Alter­nates which turn on depends of neigh­bor­ing Glyphs. I invite to see Online Pre­view for QumpellkaNo12.

ZnikomitNo24 Odstemplik Spinwerad

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