Font ZnikomitNo24 by gluk Thin font ZnikomitNo24 with Contextual Alternates by gluk Decorative font ZnikomitNo24 with ligatures made by gluk Font ZnikomitNo24 with Ornaments

Geo­met­ri­cal, serif font ZnikomitNo24 based on my Font Znikomit. For cor­rect work Font need Open­Type fea­tures: Stan­dard Lig­a­tures and Con­tex­tual Alter­nates. Font have alter­nate Glyphs “A”, “Q”, “R”, “V”, “W” as Styl­is­tic Set 02 and dec­o­ra­tive Orna­ments as Styl­is­tic Set 03.

05.07.2012 — Ver­sion 0.55 with “Thin” weight.

Znikomit FoglihtenNo04 ZnikomitNo25

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