Font Promocyja made by gluk Font Promocyja by gluk Promocyja with contextual alternates Font Promocyja with ligatures

Font Pro­mo­cyja have many alter­na­te Glyphs, which turn on depends of neigh­bor­ing Glyphs (Con­tex­tual Alter­nates), Styl­is­tic Sets and Lig­a­tures. Because the Soft­ware like TheGimp or Inkscape work (at this Moment) only with Stan­dard Lig­a­tures, font Pro­mo­cyja have access to Alter­nates through Lig­a­tures (Glyph Sequence). Full Set of Alter­nates and Glyph Sequence You find in enclosed PDF. In such Soft­ware, it should look like below:

If your soft­ware does not sup­port Open­Type fea­tures, read: How to use extra Glyphs.

Konstytucyja Odstemplik Garineldo

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